When to replace your air compressor?


As you may know, all air compressors have a lifespan. Don't think that you're saving money by holding to an old air compressor unit. And since you've been consistent with maintenance you figure it's good for a few more years. This is a very common mistake. In this article we're going to explain why you should upgrade your air compressor unit.

Air compressor upgrade

Compressed air is an essential component in any modern manufacturing facility. Having a reliable source of compressed air is critical. 

As plant efficiency and profitability take centre stage many facilities have just enough compressors to meet the plant demand. Like any other plant utility, a good maintenance regime needs to be followed to maximize availability. But as the compressor units start ageing it's important to plan for a timely replacement. Otherwise, an unexpected failure could trigger production delays, leading to lost revenue and profit. 

Normally, compressors have an average life span of to 10 and 15 years. On the 7th year onward, the user should start thinking of compressor replacement. Ageing also impacts some of the major compressor components such as the motor, the compressor element itself and the coolers. This could have a negative impact on efficiency and increase the risk of failure.

Important facts to consider for replacement

You should be aware that energy or power contributes up to 80% of the total life cycle cost of an air compressor. 

If the impact of aging-related energy loss is accounted for, coupled with the fact that newer generation compressors are more efficient. It's worth to investigate the best option of replacement much sooner. It's wiser to replace rather than repair, then the risk of breakdown and the negative impact is delayed.

Compressors, like all other equipment that operate continuously around the clock, have an escalating maintenance cost linked to aging. Is easier to save by investing in a newer compressor. An ageing compressor loses efficiency, and this loss increases as the compressor start reaching its due overhaul. Even after the overhaul, it might not reach its peak efficiency like a new unit.

A gentel reminder, is to check the condition of the compressor for energy consumption and operational efficiency.

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