Optimistic Air Compressor Safety


As with all power tools, it is important to follow safety guidelines when using an air compressor: 

Air compressors are essential to your business, but they can also become a safety hazard when used improperly. Reading your owner's manual and following all proper safety precautions before use is vital in keeping your compressor in great, working condition.

To help keep your air compressor in top shape, we put together a list of common safety precautions to aide in your regular maintenance schedule:

  • Place your compressor in an ideal location that has clean, dry inlet air. Wet conditions can cause damage to your machine, as well as electrical issues;
  •  Do not use gas air compressors indoors;
  • Perform a routine safety check before each use of your air compressor. Check hoses, ensure proper power supply, check oil level, etc;
  • Wear gloves, earplugs, goggles and a respirator when appropriate;
  • If you use an electric compressor, ensure it's plugged into a socket with the correct voltage;
  • Don't power an electric compressor with a generator;
  • Don't exceed the recommended pressure for a tool or the job;
  • If you have an oil-lubricated machine, remember to check the oil;
  • When finished, open the drain to get rid of moisture;

Source: ACME Tools