How good is Axial Fan!


Axial Flow Fan: Components, General Characteristics & Benefits

Fans & Blowers with considering their mechanism are mainly divided to axial, centrifugal and lobe types. 

Optimistic Manufactures installs, commissions and repairs a wide range of fans & blowers, according to API 673 and ISO 14694. 

An axial flow fan is a type of industrial fan used to cool machines and equipment which heat up after use. Axial flow fans are the type of compressor, which produces airflow parallel to the axis, thus the name. These fans are equipped with impellers, which suck the air in and discharge in the same direction of the axis. 

There are AC as well as DC axial flow fans. It may be designed in different ways such as with a duct or a mounting ring, and so on, depending upon the requirement. So, there are different standard designs which can be customized based on your device and installation type. The materials and accessories used for the fan are decided on these and other physical factors such as the environment it would be exposed to, temperature, moisture, pressure, and so on. 

Axial Flow Fan - Components:

The most basic part of an axial flow fan is the motor. Other than that it has ball bearings, blades, and impellers. The fan has a housing or an enclosure which protects it from external damage, spillage, shock, vibration, and so on. The enclosure is metallic and made of steel or aluminum. 

The propellers feature blades. There can be 2 to 20 blades on the propellers. The fan is connected to a motor drive, which is usually placed in a housing parallel to the direction of airflow. The blades are usually made of aluminum. A few common accessories of this fan include suitable connecting points, silencer, protection grill, counter flange, vibration controller, feet for the required positioning, and a variable inlet vane.

Axial Flow Fan - Characteristics:

These fans are typically used for sucking hot air from heat generating machines, trenches, and so on. They are also used for ventilation in enclosed spaces. These fans find a great application in quiet zones. 

  • Fans Wide Size Range: 25mm to 250mm
  • Fans ball or sleeve bearings: up to as high as 50,000 hours and at reasonably high temperatures
  • Operating Range: -10 to +70, depending upon the bearing type
  • Operate quietly without noise, and have a good dielectric strength 
  • Require minimal power input to operate
  • Apart from cooling industrial equipment, they find applications in diverse segments such as snow making machines, vending machines, refrigeration systems and HVAC systems

Axial Flow Fan - Benefits:

  • Efficient Airflow

  • Variable Speed

  • Durable Construction

  • Quick Maintenance

  • Improved Lifespan of Mechanical Components

  • Quieter Than Most Other Industrial Fans

Fan arrangements define the way a fan is driven by a motor, how the motor mounts to the fan, and are based on AMCA standards. Optimistic Fans & Blowers arrangements are based on customer requirements and are both Direct-Drive and Belt-Drive.

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