The reliability of every equipment is one of the most important tasks in any major industry. In oil industry, reliability influences on the stability of gathering, transportation and refining of oil and their products. The lower the reliability, the more failures happens and even accidents that could lead to more economic loss and technological...

Compressed air accounts for a significant part of total energy costs for industrial manufacturers - typically from about 12% and sometimes high as 40% in some facilities. Any compressed air energy savings that are achieved will have a big impact on a factory's total energy and CO2 emissions.

The term Industry 4.0 is a commonly used nowadays, even though without knowing what is really behind it. On this article we explain what this term include and what are the opportunities for the compressor sector of industry.

Do you know how an air compressor work and how many compressor types there it is in the market? It only takes 6 minutes to read this article, and understand how it works and the different types of compressor.